C&C Cage Fleece Liners - Geometric Navy

Type: Fleece liner

MONEY-SAVING: This washable bedding system is an advantageous replacement for disposable litter. It will save you hundreds of pounds each year.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Because the cage liner can be reused so many times, it participates in the zero-waste movement and protects natural resources.

ODOURLESS AND ABSORBENT: Less messy than chips, the fleece mat is also more absorbent thanks to its multilayer technology that keeps your animals dry.

MACHINE WASHABLE: Reusable a large number of times, the fleece bedding is easily machine washed at 30 degrees using conventional detergent. It dries quickly after spinning at 1200 rpm.

SOFT & SAFE: Unlike shavings that can cause respiratory problems and knots in your pet’s hair, the fleece liner is comfortable, soft and does not produce dust.

More absorbent than traditional chip litter and reusable many times, it is both money-saving and eco-friendly. Thanks to its multilayer design, it keeps your pets dry for a long time. Its fleece surface is comfortable and soft, which is sure to delight your furry companion. It is also dust-free and hypoallergenic for you and your pets.

With our litter, say goodbye to bedding chips you find everywhere and the respiratory problems they cause. A real revolution in the world of small animals, cage liners do not create knots in your pet’s hair and do not produce dust potentially responsible for respiratory problems.

Easy to maintain, it is machine washable at 30 ° C with your usual detergent. After spinning at 1200 rpm, it dries quickly (do not tumble dry). The washing frequency should be adjusted according to the number of animals and the speed at which the cage gets dirty.

Before first use, we recommend washing the cage liners to guarantee their absorbent property. The fleece liners are washed at 30 ° C with a conventional detergent. As an option, you can also add a small amount of white vinegar or anti-bacterial linen detergent. Do not tumble dry. After a spin at 1200 rpm, the cage liners are already almost dry and you can finish drying them on a hanger. Be careful not to put them on a heater at the risk of shrinking them. If your pets have long hair (ex: Peruvian guinea pigs) or tend to lose a lot of hair, you can pre-clean your carpets by removing the hair or even vacuuming them before putting them for a wash.


  • Fleece cage liner 3x2: 115x78cm

  • Fleece cage liner 4x2: 150x78cm

  • Fleece cage liner Loft: 42x78cm + 18x60cm

Note: dimensions may vary by a few centimetres due to manufacturing tolerances

The thickness of the fleece liner is around 2-3cm.  

Note: We do not recommend the use of our printed fleece liners with rabbits since they can damage them with their claws. We recommend the use of our solid colours liners instead.